Energy and Cultural Transition title image 2015

The “Energiewende” has become the embodiment of power generation from renewable sources and of the networking of diverse technologies and of many people. New energy technologies have always been the pacemaker of change and of the modernization of our daily lives, as well. Technical progress will make it possible for us to be able to cover our energy requirements almost entirely from renewable sources in the foreseeable future while going easy on resources, drastically reducing emissions and gaining additional comfort. Some towns and municipalities are showing us the way and are experimenting with smart energy systems and new participation models.

Despite the common consent of the population regarding the “Energiewende”, many energy projects encounter public protest. On the other hand many citizens are involved in shaping the energy infrastructure; they generate energy themselves, network their flats and houses, research energy savings and join forces as energy communities.

Is it really a technology revolution that is changing our lives? Or is the transformation of energy systems and this extensive networking also bringing about a cultural transition? The digitalization of all areas of life is just a matter of course for our children. Is this development driven by technology, by the markets or are we in the middle of creating a new cultural era?